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Free royalty-free textures and stock footage for download!

Use freely in commercial and non-commercial work! No crediting required!

imperfect texture

Awesome rusty old metal texture

Use this rusty metal texture for a nice grungy design.

Get the full size rusty metal texture by clicking on the preview image below:

imperfect texture

Imperfections and scratches texture

Use this imperfect surface to give more detail to your CG objects. Perfect for creating more realistic 3D surfaces.

Get the full size imperfection texture by clicking on the preview image below:

Techy space station bump map

Use this awesome high resolution bump map texture to create a hitech looking space station like the one in the example below:

vector brick pattern brush

Everything in the space station picture above was created with this one single bump map! And its free and royalty free to use -as always here at You don't even have to credit us (unless you absolutely insist).

Get the full size bump map texture by clicking on the preview image below:


vector brick pattern brush

Scratched metal texure

Grungy and dangerous looking steel texture with scratches and spots of dirt on it.

This hi-resolution texture is perfect for creating edgy metallic designs. Below is and example of it being used inside a text layer:


vector brick pattern brush

Clean metal texture

Use this brushed even clean metal texture to texturize metallic things in your artwork from 3D models or 2d-art.

Like always with Geminoidi textures, this free texture is royalty free and you can use it both for commercial and non-commercial work without any cost.

vector brick pattern brush

Mechanical tech wall texure

Free texture perfect for adding detail inside your space station!

vector brick pattern brush

Hi-tech spaceship texture

Use this free hi-rez texture to create the surface of a space ship or other hi-tech object. Filled with detail and greebles.

vector brick pattern brush

Endlessly repeating tileable red brick vector pattern in Adobe Illustrator format!

Easily create a huge vector brick wall with this. Simply open the file in Illustrator and drag the graphic to your swatches panel.

oak tree branch

High resolution oak tree branch keyed out for easy use!

This free to use in any way you like royalty free picture shows a beautiful branch of an oak tree in summer. It has been isolated from the background for your convenience so you can easily put it into any design without the need to remove the background in Photoshop.

Click on the preview picture to load the full-size image with a 5k resolution.


Real motion tracked camera shakes for a realistic handheld camera feel!

Open this After Effects file and simply parent your footage in to the null object. You will instantly get realistic hand held camera shake on to your footage. This is better than just using the wiggle expression, because it is actual real handheld shake, which is quite hard to realistically emulate by simple expressions.

The file is After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 compatible. The file contains two compositions, one for mild shake and one for more strong shaking.

Free dice texture

New! Dice texture/UV-map.

Use this die uv-map freely to texturize your 3D dice!

Free plant silhouette hd video

New! Royalty free chroma keyed plant silhouette video file sample.

Use this awesome video clip for any design.

Click here to download the fullHD 1920x1080 resolution chroma keyed plant video.

seamlessly tileable vector brick wall

New! The royalty free brick and tile wall textures mega pack is here!

This is the only brick texture pack you will ever need! Check out the amazing super resolution collection of versatile and detailed free brick textures.

Click here to view the smaller size preview.

Click here to download the full package for free.

Filesize is big because of the super large resolution of textures included.

snow texture thumb

Super detailed snow texture!

Click on thumbnail to see full sized texture at resolution over 5k!

snow texture thumb

Super detailed grungy dirty cement wall texture!

Click on thumbnail to see full sized texture at resolution over 5k!

snow texture thumb

Canon 5D MarkII test footage!

Do you need to test that Canon 5D video footage is fully compatible with your non-linear editor (NLE) of choise? Here you can donwload a sample clip straight out of the cameras memory card! No post-processing was applied to this clip so it's in it's raw format. Just right-click on the link and choose to save it on your computer!


The video was shot with 1080p 25fps settings, so it's resolution is 1920x1080 and the pixel aspect ratio is square. The lens used was a basic 24-105mm L IS USM zoom lens.